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What are the legal repercussions for using your firearm in self-defense.VPC research has found a gun is far more likely to be used in a homicide or suicide than in a justifiable homicide.

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The stun gun can be an excellent weapon to use against an attacker, if used properly.Today the most practical and efficient non lethal self defense weapon is stun gun which is available at low cost and heavy discount at Latest Spy store for Stun Gun in Ahmedabad.Nothing proves that a gun is good for defensive use like being used by the military or a police force.The National Rifle Association maintains a blog called The Armed Citizen, which highlights defensive gun use.

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A tactical knife is perhaps the best self-defense weapon you can carry.

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It was found, using National Crime Victimization Study data, that victims who have and use guns have both lower losses and lesser injury rates from violent crime.Self Defense Magazine: Best self defense tips, self defense classes, self defense weapons, and self defense for women, gun owners, and gun enthusiasts.Defensive gun use (DGU) is the use or presentation of a firearm for self-defense, defense of others or in some cases, protecting property.Be sure to report any injuries you may inflict on your attacker so that they may get proper medical treatment.

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Killing or severely injuring someone, even in cases of extreme self-defense, can get you in trouble with the law and even incarcerated.It is rather to stay alive, and survive a desperate confrontation.

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Small-caliber guns like.22s are never recommended for self-defense.Youth Over Guns, a gun violence prevention organization in New York City, led a march from the Korean War Veterans Plaza and marched across the Brooklyn Bridge to Foley Square on June 2 to call.The NRA says the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.Informative and in-depth self defense articles can be found from our team of experts.Verified and categorized stories of self defense using firearms.

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The bottom line is to stay focused on doing what it takes to solve the tactical.Share your own self-defense stories and learn about the best guns and weapons for personal protection to keep.

This is truly chilling in how much it reveals about the ignorance of anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment bullies.Self-defense is the most widely accepted basis for gun ownership rights.The frequency of incidents involving DGU, and their effectiveness in providing safety and reducing crime is a controversial issue in gun politics and criminology.

Supreme Court takes New York gun case, set to expand Heller.

When the Supreme Court asserted a constitutional right to private gun ownership in District of Columbia v.

If you own a gun for personal protection, it follows that you are prepared and willing to use your firearm to defend your own life.

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In any given self-defense scenario, there are many similarities between using a knife and a gun with only one hand.

The latest entry, from April 9, describes three incidents: Two from 2013 and one archival example from 1969.

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Self-defense (self-defence in some varieties of English) is a countermeasure that involves defending the health and well-being of oneself from harm.In any self defense situation, your goal is not to maim or kill your assailant.A person is entitled to use a gun for self defense in the U.S., if necessary, but laws in every state establish when a person can use force to defend himself (or another), and whether a person can use a weapon.

A homeowner in Cape Coral, Florida used his gun to detain a would-be intruder until the police arrived.From my reading of the self defense bible (The Law of Self-Defense) and common sense the only way this guy would have been justified to shoot would have been if he ran in front of the car to stop the theft and the junky tried to run him over.About 10% of these are self defense supplies, 9% are led flashlights, and 6% are ballpoint pens.This means, not every self-defense round cuts muster on the hunt and not every hunting round is appropriate for personal protection.The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

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